World Breastfeeding Week: A picture is worth a thousand words…

But me being me has a picture and some words too!

This week is world breastfeeding week. The Irish Parenting Bloggers are hosting a blog linky on experiences of breastfeeding with the tag line ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Without further ado here is my picture, and a few words!

The first feed. I think with the other 4 births the rush of overwhelming love hit me straight away, as soon as I saw their wriggly little hot bodies. I wanted to hold my babies and love on them and just revel in that new baby/relief of birth being over moment.

It was different with Cora. The overwhelming feeling I had after her delivery was ‘oh shit please don’t let me die’. Dramatic yes, but I had tingly legs and was pretty convinced I was having some sort of stroke. Turns out if you have a baby in 20 minutes and on your Sofa your body just goes into mega shock. I knew I loved her, I had loved her from the moment I found out she was there. BUT it didn’t slap me in the fact at the moment of her birth like it did the others.

The above photo is the moment it hit me. We had been in the hospital for a few hours by this point, I had done all my crying, puking and recovering.  I had planned to breastfeed anyway, its good for baby plus she is baby number 5 and its free!!! That first feed, while in a noisy, hot and busy hospital, was just a magical moment for me and one that I won’t forget any time soon.

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