Where do you think is the worst place to take 4 children on a day out???

…..A Whiskey distillery??? I know, on paper this was one of those ideas that should NOT have worked out. Alcohol, a distillery tour, 4 young kids.  It had all the elements to be a complete disaster.

But armed with a supervalu voucher that got 1 adult in for FREE, we set off 20 minutes down the road to Killbeggan Whiskey Distillery. I had my doubts but THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING!!! And surprisingly child friendly.

The outside smelled glorious, like honey, actually I think we nailed it when we said it smelled like Christmas Cake. All heady and alcoholly without being intoxicating. Delish.

Inside was brilliant, the water mill works and they have made a really engaging exhibition about the history of the distillery, and whiskey production. They even had jigsaws for the kids to do, and loads of hands on stuff which they loved. 

I loved the old windows and the copper roof and distillery vats, the whole place was strangely beautiful in quite an industrial way.  Its a working distillery so after touring the historic part and seeing the working water wheel we went over to see where they make the whiskey now. That really stank, as in Luis thought he would puke at one point with all the alcohol fumes, Vivi fell straight to sleep…..maybe a whiskey room infuser is what I need for Amelie?! 

There is so much to see and do here, from the fully working mill, the outside water wheel, and then the modern distillery vats. 

The tour ends with a tot of Kilbeggan whiskey in the fully stocked tasting room. Seriously if you are a whiskey drinker then this is 100% a place to go see! they had bottles in there selling for 280 Euros! crazy! We didnt buy any this time but now we have an excuse to go back!! 


All in all the distillery experience gets a big ‘thumbs up’ from the Clevs!!! 

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