I am thankful for weekends. This week has been tough as we have all been hit by illness, sore throats, runny noses and the odd temperature. 

Everyone has needed cuddles and extra love, which is hard to dish out when you have a newborn baby and are feeling under par yourself. I think I managed to keep everyone happy though. Me and calpol are a good team!!! 

I am so glad it’s the weekend. I have mr Clev back, I get to rest, and there is no pressure to do anything more taxing than sit infront of the fire and do nothing! 
The children get to wind down too. Saturday and Sundays are football, then this afternoon we are pony riding, tomorrow is football for mr Clev and then mass for the rest of us then a nice slow cooked roast dinner and getting ready for school again.
Lots of time for sisterly bonding this weekend…! 
They are only two days but I am thankful for the weekends and the things we do during them.  

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