V is for Vodka…



Happy Valentines day internets. Here at the house of Clev we are celebrating with home made cards, cake, cheesecake, a fire and a film (Maleficent – I really want to get over the whole Angelina stole Brad from Jen issue but I cant, and I really dislike her in general but apparently she is awesome in this film, we shall see). We have all been/some still are sick with the dreaded flu bug that has been doing the rounds and are on antibiotics still so Love day is pretty low key -side note if any of my grandchildren are born on Valentines day I shall urge their parents to name them ‘Loveday’ because it is an awesome name.


Continuing our new mindfulness kick this is the first time in a long ole time that Mr Clev has got involved with a valentines day gesture. We usually made more of an effort for the kiddos which was more in the ‘lets all love each other and do nice things for each other’ sense of the day. Mr Clev and I agree that in general valentines day for couples is a bit consumerism and over rated, it seems a bit cheesy and off to celebrate your relationship along with every single other couple in the world, surely anniversaries and special days are better for love proclamations, so therefore we sort of steer clear of cards and flowers for this holiday. None the less, in the theme of ‘lets all do nice things for each other’ I received a lovely bunch of flowers and a card from my darling husband, because he loves me and because its nice to do nice things for the people we love – thank you very much husband.

I wanted to send out these kissing photos as cards to our friends and family but – story of my life – I didn’t get round to it. Maybe for St Patrick’s day, or Easter I might get my act together.

Anyway from us to you,


Love one another, love yourself, love your friends, love the planet….Love is all you need #fact.

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