Two Cakes, a BBQ and a Party

We spent the day yesterday celebrating our youngest daughter, Vivienne. The boys both had school and Mr Clev had an interview in Dublin in the morning so we reconvened at the house later on for cake, BBQ and lots of fun and games!

A Nanny Peg classic recipe. 4/4/4 and 2, with Jam and cream middle and sugar on top.
not too sure on the flaming inferno at 7.30 in the morning.

The best thing about school here is that it doesnt start until 9.30, we leave here to walk at about 9 (it takes 5 minutes) or later to drive. The kids all play in the playground after you drop them off, there is no hanging about waiting for them to go in. Loving it!!

Still really unsure about the candles at this point.

The later start meant breakfast cake for Vivi before school, and opening a few presents (thanks to those who sent from the UK), then it was back to business as usual. Im pretty sure I took Luis out for the day on his 1st birthday, or did something really special for him, lucky Vivi being the 4th child got a birthday trip to Aldi!!!

Mr Clev arrived home first, then Maxi, and lastly Luis, Granddad Clive (my dad) and Nanny Joan (my nan) arrived soon after and the party could begin!!!

We played lots of football (Maxi is a full on keeper now, its his position of choice, so we have a forward and a keeper in the family!!) 

Excellent save by Maxi to prevent Wimbledon scoring

Its usually Grandad and Luis VS Maxi and Daddy (Wimbledon vs Chelsea) although in a few years there will be enough of us to have a 4 aside Girls V Boys team!

Check him out!!!!

 Amelie prefers to watch the football, and look beautiful. She spent the day telling everyone it was ‘Babys derday, so you have to say happi derday to baby’

My Dad turned up with a huge box, which looked suspiciously like the huge box we purchased the day before and had in our shed! yes, both of us had availed of the Smyths toy superstores special of the week!! A swingset for the garden at under 50 Euros!! We are taking ours back to swap for something else for Vivi.

Construction mode…

After fun and games outside we all came in for Vivi’s favourite part of the day – FOOD!!!! BBQ shrimp, burgers, sausages and steak (all of which was grown/caught within a 100KM radius of our house, pretty cool huh?!) I also made chocolate fudge cupcakes which were deadly, and her proper birthday cake.

Birthday Princess

I love making my children their birthday cakes. I’m no masterchef by any means, but I like to try out different ideas and give things a go. There is a cake shop in Athlone where they do free Saturday demo’s, I went to the one last weekend and got this flower cutter and some sugar paste. Its fun!! Amelie has requested a Horsey cake for her birthday – the possibilities are endless.

 My Nanny Peg and Grandy used to make my birthday cakes, I had a Tennis one which had green icing, and a Tudor Rose Cake one year. Obviously Amelie inherited her cake ideas from me!!!

Silly Grandad

Double chocolate fudge cupcakes. These are deadly. Seriously. Chocolate overload. The ones with the strawbs on top were nicer as the bit of fruit kind of cut through the goo a bit, but the flower ones were sheer decadence. Vivi had one of the strawberry ones, and one of the flower ones – and yes, the nappy later on was DE-LIGHT-ful!!!! 

The second round of candles and singing went much better than the first. I think maybe because she wasnt confronted by a wall of flames, and only one candle. She was laughing at Amelie and Grandad singing her ‘happy derday’

I cant believe how fast this year went.

Oh and if you are wondering what the perfect way to end the day of your very first birthday…..

Yup thats fudge icing on her HEAD. She was covered. We didnt even make it up to the big bath as that would have been gross. She had a pre big bath sink bath to get the worst of the chocolate off.

She is small enough I could use the tap as a shower.

See the water – mmmmmmmmnnn!!!

So that is how we spent her special day!! we are spending today recovering from the fun and games of yesterday, Mr Clev is finishing the swing set, Luis is off to a friends house (no school day) Maxi and Amelie are going to the park later and then into Athlone to do some jobs and a spot of shopping. 

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