Trying to not sweat the small stuff

Our sleep situation is DIRE. I have tried to remedy this with introducing bedtime routines, aromatherapy oils, cuddles at bedtime, no cuddles and crying it out at bedtime, and the ole favourite ‘when your child wakes up in the night take them back to bed’ – which is great, unless you have a child like Amelie who wakes up a million times a night, or a child like Vivienne who likes to get up and go walkabout at 2am.


I give up.


I give up.

Ive resigned myself to the fact that I can either get no sleep because Im getting up 10 times a night to fetch drinks and put children back in beds, or I can get a little bit more sleep by just comforting and snuggling them in my big bed.

If they are in bed with me then I am meeting their needs – sleep, comfort, needing to be loved, and kind of meeting my needs – at least 8 hours sleep.

Really, what is the likely-hood of my 12,13,15,17,19 year old children STILL getting into bed with me at 2 in the morning?

Slim to none.

Each of my children will go to sleep at a decent time in their own bed.

Some of them stay there all night. Thats half the battle won already.

I saw this on Facebook and think it is so true. I am giving myself such a hard time over the sleep issue, but its not helpful either when family start weighing in on the situation saying things like ‘all my children slept through from day one 6-9 the next morning’.

Im going to try and not sweat it, and not stress too much. Really I complain about having no sleep, when out of 5 children its only 2 of them with sleep issues. I do get sleep, just not as much as I would like!

They will grow out of it.

And if they dont then I will use the next couple of months at least to try and recoup some of the sleep I’ve lost from feeding Cora through the night and then try something else, probably over the summer holidays when sleep isn’t so greatly important because of school.

See how comfy they all look?!

I’ll take all the sleep I can get at the moment, and if this is how it is done then that is ok with me!

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