To Vivienne Tallulah, on your very first birthday….

Dear Vivi,

I cant believe you are 1 whole year old!!!

This time last year I was in labour, walking the streets of Banstead trying to get contractions to get stronger. I had the worst ever pregnancy with you, honestly. Imagine the sickest you could possibly be without having something terrible and life threatening – thats where I was at. Sick every day for the whole 37 weeks, 3 lots of early labour, weeks in hospital, drips, antibiotics, appendicitis…Its a miracle you are here, and healthy really!

You were born with quite some drama, the whole story was actually published in Baby Surrey magazine click here to read it 🙂

Im running out of words so Im going to write a good ole list of all the things you/family Clev have done in the year you have been on the planet…

I love this photo of Maxi and Nanny Barry on the night of your birth.

Took a trip to Ireland at 8 weeks old to visit family and dip your teeny toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Went to the Paralympics and all sorts of Olympic events, including cycling and the Olympic torch relay. 

With Manderville


With Daddy in the Olympic Stadium
Team Clev 🙂

 You met all of your family, including two Great Grandmothers, and a great grandy

Moved from the house you were born in over to Ireland.

Learned how to Crawl…

You have also ridden a pony, learned to feed yourself, learned to stand up, and say mama and dadda, you have been to London, Dublin and Galway many a time and loved it, you had your very first Christmas dinner, your very first Easter. You have Celebrated the birthdays of all of your siblings, and they are mega excited to celebrate yours today, and this weekend. 
I cant wait to see you become a big sister later this year!

I have a ton more photos but they take an age to add and I cant work out how to use blogger on my ipad.

Happy Birthday darling girl, we celebrate you today with two types of cake and a BBQ (if the weather holds up!!)


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