This week’s random happenings in the House of Clev

The boys had Gaelic camp from Monday – Wednesday. Its just over the road from us and run by the GAA. I have to say this is possibly the best run summer camp I have ever seen. The older footballers (most of them are in the 21s squad and some them are unnaturally good looking- but cougar is not a good look on a married and preggo mum of 4) volunteer and the younger boys just love it!

Amelie and Vivi have been getting a lot of park time this week while we wait for brothers to start or finish camp.

We also had soccer trials at Mount Temple FC and SOMEHOW Mr Clev has managed to sign not only both boys up for the team, but himself up to coach one team, my dad up to coach another team aaaaaaand join the Over 35 squad himself. He is only 28 but they were desperados or something so he fibbed a bit and has his first match next week. Soccer Mom Mam will be back in full force come end of August. I live for competitive sports. Go team Clev!!!

I have been getting the house ready for the arrival of my mum and stepdad – here forth known as Crum for blogging purposes! I am so excited to see them and hope the decent weather continues.

This is the guest bed, we moved it up against the other wall. Also I worked out that if you put a single duvet cover over the big back pillows it looks more headboard like and comfortable. looking good I think.We are all ready for our crazy summer of visitors (think one a week now until September).

In other news Mr Clev has very kindly agreed to have a look at my blog and jazz it up a bit so it functions and looks a bit nicer. He likes to throw around crazy terms like SEO and ‘userbility’ and I have no idea what they mean so I just smile and nod and say things back like ‘well it would be nice to make the writing at the top a nice shade of green dont you think?’. So it might look a bit weird here for a few days, then will look awesome again and be easier to navigate around (not that there is much for navigating around….yet)

Right – best go and clear up the house AGAIN before Crum arrive. Tidying a house when there are 4 children awake is just not worth it, so early bedtimes and a blitz are in order!

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