The Connemara Dream….(is there a song about this?)

Mr Clev and myself have this dream (that maybe one day in the distant future will be a reality) that we will buy a tiny cottage in Connemara, Galway.

Kylemore Abbey, Letterfrack, Connemara.

It has to be 2 or 3 rooms, really really old, a real project. Preferably with water, electricity and a roof – although they are a lot cheaper without any of these!! The above photo is Kylemore Abbey built by a man, for his wife and 9 children to live in. Now I know how expensive it is to live with Oil Fired central heating I think I’ll stick with cramming my brood into something slightly smaller.

Maxi is totally up for the above plan…

We keep saying that once we buy a house here in Castledaly, get underway with mortgage payments, finish doing the ‘total money makeover’ (Dave Ramsey – only been doing it for 2 months but man this guy is GOOD) then we will save up cash to buy our place in Connemara. Remember – I did say its a dream, before you all go rolling your eyes!!! Sometimes when you have 4 kids, one on the way and live a crazy life its nice to live in la la land for a few minutes while you drink your morning coffee.

He looks so grown up here, I feel old!

Anyway this shack has to be near Clifden, Cleggan or Roundstone, which are bays on the Atlantic coast about 1 hour drive from Galway city, so 2 hours from us here in Castledaly.

A gothic church just off the road.

We want to make the kids work on this place with us, it will have a bunk room for them, where all 5 of them will camp together. We want to instill the values of hard physical work into them, and honestly we want to give hard physical work a go ourselves too (being an office worker and a never worker). Never mind the fact neither me or Mr Clev know about building or are actually handy with tools at all.

See – these 4 need to have some morals and values drummed into them.

We have visited Connemara lots on our trips to Ireland, and went again on Saturday. Its possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth – and Ive been to the Caribbean, grand canyon, and to some beautiful places too, so thats saying something!

It is actually physically impossible to be stressed out here. Honestly.

We had a ‘yes’ day with the kids – any request, we answered with ‘yes’.

All the cool kids sit at the back of the bus….

Can we go to the beach? Can we ride the bus? Can we have ice cream? Can we buy postcards to send out?

Gurteen Bay, Connemara.

YES YES YES YES darlings you can!!! It was great, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I can hear the sea mummy

“Can we put baby in a sand hole”

We hope to spend even more time in this little part of the world over the summer months, and next few years. We continue to dream about our little cottage, maybe one day it will become a reality, but until then we have memories like this to treasure forever (I considered deleting that last sentence because its borderline ‘pass the sick bucket’, but im keeping it in there because sometimes you need a bit of cheesy goodness to brighten up your day!)

Love how each child is dressed for a different season, good ole Irish weather!

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