Sunshine and colour

I am thankful for morning sunshine to lift my spirits today. I woke up this morning to the sound of my brand spanking new much lusted after cake stand smashing, an argument followed with Mr Clev about being materialistic and how I shouldn’t care about it as I didn’t pay for it. Our money attitudes are still vastly different. I was feeding Cora and the sun was streaming through the window and I just thought I can’t be angry today, not when it is so nice outside. 
We have actually walked almost every school run so far this week and been on time! Woohoo!! 
This was this mornings walk to school. How stunning are those trees? The autumn seems to last longer here than back home and the colours are beautiful! It was bitterly cold, but a bright day all the same.
Thats Maxi you see on his bike, and Luis a bit further on.
So there you go..I am thankful for sunshine, beautiful trees, and being able to walk to and from school. Even though the day started on a bum note, I think I have managed to salvage it!!

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