Summer Screen Rules

(photo from a quick lunch stop in Killaloe just before Summer holidays started!) 

Summer is officially here!! Yay!!! Not weather wise obviously because the great Irish Summer of 2017 started and ended back in the last week of June of course but school summer holidays however are well and truly upon us.

We had a bit of a non start to the summer holidays which included an interesting school report for one of our little ones & then a sickness bug that swept through the house (dramatic). It took us a full week to get over both but we are back at peak performance!! Its going to be a weird summer for us, our huge road trip is no longer happening so a summer of leg related hospital appointments, working & placating children is on the cards for us instead. I for one can not wait for this. Eeeeek!

While Im on the subject of placating children am I the only Mum who relies horribly on handing over a phone to a whining child for a few minutes (ok 7 hours) of peace and quiet?
I feel like its such a cop out and know that I should grow a pair and stand up to my child over the screen time issue but I’m trying to take over the world with my marketing business & get shit done, so god bless Stampycat for keeping my children glued to youtube and silent for an hour (or 7).

Have you all seen the Facebook video doing the rounds that shows how kids brains on minecraft videos is essentially the same as adult brains on cocaine? eeeeeeeek!!! Mr Clev and I had a parental summit the other day where we sat at opposite ends of the kitchen table to talk about the screen time problem. Two distinct choices became apparent. We could become Coke addicts ourselves so that we are on the same brain wavelength as our 5 kids OR we could agree that screen time & especially the handing over of phones to the kids has to stop all together and be seriously policed. Clearly because we are responsible adults we decided to go with the limit screen-time option even though the crack addict option would probably be more fun in the short term.

Last year I came up with a checklist of things each child had to do before they were allowed any screens, stuff like going outside, using their brain, doing some chores & eating lunch!. The no screens until after lunch rule stuck around thankfully but the rest went by the wayside (because I was too lazy to enforce it, judge away people). I’m bringing this printable checklist back this year and Im going to stick to it until it becomes law in our house.


Yep its a cop out and will incur hours of screeching from my 2 tech addicted children but its a really fair compromise as they are encouraged to do actual stuff before zoning out for an hour. All our tech will be in boxes and once the checklist is complete they can pick something for an hour and one hour only (I’ll be strong!). I’ve also made different toy sets more accessible and had a good old organise of all the fun stuff we have to play with so theres no “there is nothing to do” moaning from the older kids.

If you want a copy of this for yourself just click the links to download:

2 hours of screen time

1 hour of screen time

Guys if you give these a go, or have any genius ideas for the screen time issue then please let me know over on my Faceyb 🙂

Happy Summer folks!!! 🙂