Summer Holidays as experienced through Recent Google Searches

“will anything bad happen if a child consumes 6 or more gummy vitamins in one go”

“Free rainy day activities not involving paint, pens or glue sticks”

“Healthy and quickly made, cheap meals”

“Take away service that delivers near Athlone”

” How to remove paint from the wall”

” Baby with massive bruise on head”

“If a bruise is purple is it good or bad”

“Signs of brain damage”

“Suitable punishments for 7 year old with attitude”

“Sleep training a 2 year old”

“Sleep training a 2 year old, not supernanny method”

“Easy way to sleep train your 2 year old”

“Simple but foolproof way to sleep train 2 year old”

“sleep training 2 year old quietly”

“Night nurses in Westmeath”

“Irish Supernanny, Westmeath, Night Nurse, Cheap” 

“Spa Breaks for 1, Westmeath, Cheap”

“Is green snot good or not”

“How quickly does a cold pass from one person to the next”

“How to keep children from passing germs”

“Latex Gloves, Child Size, Cheap, Free Delivery”

“How much wine can you drink when Pregnant”

“Does 1 unit of alcohol when pregnant daily mean you can save up all your units in the week for one day”

“Binge Drinking while pregnant – dangers”

“Binge Drinking while pregnant – really dangerous or Media panic?”

“Aupairs, Cheap, Able to speak very good English, Westmeath”

“Governess services, Westmeath, Cheap”

“Sunshine holidays, June 2014, with kids camp, beach and pool, cheap” 

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