Schools out….its summertiiiimmmmmeeeee

Only cool people like me who know all the words to High School Musical 2 will appreciate that title.

Our summer holiday started on Wednesday at 12.30pm. It was sunny-ish. On Thursday we woke up and it was about -10, lashing with rain, I think we had hail at one point.

This is the stuff they bought home from school. Vivi has claimed the tin whistle as her own.

Today is Friday, it is still raining, as in raining too much to go out properly somewhere fun + free.

I already posted our summer bucket list with some of the days out that we hope to do this summer. I may have been slightly optimistic when I wrote and published that list.

I have the bucket list printed out and still hope to do some of them, but I also have sat down and seriously thought about indoor activities. I managed to get out yesterday into Athlone to a few cheapy stores (Jimmys store which basically sells anything, and good ole euro world!) to stock up on bits and bobs to keep small children occupied.

Yup Maxi is wearing his uniform, he does not get that school is done now.

 Yes I did go a bit crazy and purchased paints, big sketchpads and paintbrushes. Yes clearing up was horrible, and yes my table does need sanding down to get rid of a thick layer of cheap nasty paint.  Maxi and Amelie loved this and sat for hours. Luis said it was ‘boring’ and that he was ‘rubbish at art’ and that ‘mummy is stupid’. He needs an attitude adjustment and has been hit hard by Mr Clev being gone all day again.

yup I let Maxi paint in his uniform because it hadnt been washed from the day before anyway. mother of the year.

Look at these two!! I get asked so much if they are true twins or Irish twins (born in the same year) I guess because Maxi is small for his age and Amelie is average for hers.  I never see it but I can in the above photo, they really do look so alike.

I shall call this photo ‘chaos from above’. I stood on a chair to get it. Probably a really stupid thing to do when you are 6 months (or 5 months, I’m not entirely sure to be honest) pregnant. I was reading lots of ‘mom blogs’ last night and lots of them have very snazzy photos so above is my two cents worth!

I got a packet of animal masks in Jimmys, and have made an activity bag which I shall whip out on the next rainy day.

Cute isn’t it? Inside there are the animal masks, a packet of felt tips, glue sticks, and crafty feathers. Then a CD with music from the Jungle book and Cats on it and a little instruction sheet telling them to make up a musical song and dance with their masks on to show Mummy and Daddy. I am taking full credit for this stroke of genius by the way – didn’t even see it on Pinterest or nottin (how Maxi now says ‘nothing’ now)

Ok time for a funny story…..

Straight after school on Wednesday I drove the kids into Moate for a Supermacs ice cream (which are amazeballs by the way). Anyway the guy standing in the queue in front of us happened to be ‘really famous’. Everyone in there was going gaga over him. I have no idea of his name but he plays GAA for Westmeath County. 
Anyway after about 5 minutes of hearing every single person working in Supermacs standing there worshiping him I started to get a bit antsy. Firstly – If you have never been in the Daily Mail or on DM online then you are not a proper celebrity. Secondly – GAA people don’t get paid, there are no wags, and frankly if this dude was a well honed athlete why the chump was he in Supermacs??? (I bet my house gets torched now!) Thirdly – I needed me a hot blueberry muffin with ice cream on top. Pronto.
I decided to bypass him and go and stand next to him at the till and stare people down until someone took my order. GAA man then started talking to the kids about football (Gaelic) all smarmy like, and asked if they play. Maxi (the legend he is) replied “yeah I play a bit but Im going to be a goalie for Chelsea because they are much better-rer and I get to go on the bus and hold the trophy when we win and in Gaelic you dont get to go on the bus and you have to wear a mouth shield and they hurt your teet (which is how maxi now says Teeth)” Legend. None of the kids had a clue who this bloke was either. Needless to say GAA man shut right up and our Ice cream got dished up!!!

See how much happier everyone is with ice cream. Also see how delish the hot muffin and ice cream is? yummy I tell you. Supermacs is now added to the ‘must do in Ireland’ for people visiting us 🙂 
This weekend plans are Moate heritage centre tomorrow (family history event and I’m hoping to shed some light on my Irish traveler roots – read that ‘hoping to find out that the Hogan family were really rich and left me millions, and not actually load of gypos’) Mass and GAA at the ass crack of dawn on Sunday and then the afternoon we are off to Athlone Agricultural show for some cow and pig and pony show watching.

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