Right Now – January 2015 (wait, what)

wait what, is it 2015 and ive not blogged since November 2014. Man that’s bad. Anyway, here goes.

Right now…..

…… Myself, my husband, and lots of our extended family are super worried about this little guy.  He is sick and has been sick for months now. Ive not blogged in ages because I like this space to be a reflection of our life, our real life, that one day my children will look at. It is hard to tread the line between doing that, and keeping my children’s privacy too. I don’t want to say too much right now, but my darling Maxi is in pain, losing weight, and not really sleeping that great. In himself he is still happy go lucky and cheeky and all the things that make Maxi the little man we love so much, but he isnt 100%. We have been back and forth to Dublin, Galway and most places in between and are now seeking alternative routes to help find out whats going on. I will never in my life moan about the NHS ever again because my experience of the healthcare system here, and my faith in some of its professionals is waning by the hour!




….. We are recovering from Christmas. All three of them. What, you dont have three Christmases??? just us then. Mr Clevs mum for Xmas day, his brother over the day after, and then my family for new years. Wowzers. Its been amazing, joyful, happy, sad, emotional, and exhausting with a sprinkling of magical and drunken. Here we are on Christmas eve in Kinvara with Nanny Cats. It was – direct quote – her “Best Xmas Ever”.




….. This guy is NINE. Wait, what (thats a direct quote from Frozen that I can not for the life of me stop saying). We celebrated with grandparents, cake, and a chocolate train. Nine years ago my life changed for the better (CBT = not the therapy, it stands for cheesy but true) when he was born. Luis is the oldest of our gang and I appreciate what a tough job that is, he manages his role in the family with kindness, consideration and love, his Daddy and I are super proud of him.




….. This lady is walking. I officially now have 5 children who can walk, open stuff, climb stuff, have to wear shoes and walk mud into the house. Cora also still hates her cot, even a Christmas tree in her room wasn’t enough to make her even pretend to try and like being in there.




…… I miss these guys. Christmas number 3 was with my Mum and Stepdad and my Sister and her Boyfriend. It was so good to see my sissy after like 3 months and her traveling half way around the world. We had a fantastic lunch at the Raddison in Athlone, which has got one of the nicest Athlone views there is (the view from the castle viewing gallery is my second favorite).




…… I have selfie stick envy. I think I’m going to get one because I cant stop thinking about it. If nothing else it would make my trips to aldi loads more fun. This photo is of my family at the Left Bank Bistro in Athlone. Its delish and I can wholly recommend it for lunches and dinners. I love the atmosphere in here, and the staff are so nice and helpful too.  Yup we selfie sticked in a restaurant. Yolo.




…..Im reading this book. I failed to make any resolutions this year. I made my 30 before 30 list. Ive already crossed some off, and some of them have been scrapped (goodbye dream house, maybe by the time I die I will own something). My dear husband is struggling with some serious health issues of his own, im not the most sympathetic or compassionate person naturally so hopefully this book has some tips. I’ll let you know how I get on.




……. My first blog post of 2015 is done. My blog is back. It feels good! Happy New year to my loyal readers (aka Mum)



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