Resurrection/Easter cookies

Happy Easter Holiday’s mamas!! If you are reading this from Ireland then we are one week down, you lucky UK people have only just broken up. Making resurrection cookies has been one of our Easter activities for about 3 years now and this is the first year I actually took photos and thought ‘hmmmn I could share this on my very neglected blog’. If you are looking for time to kill over the holidays then this is a definite winner of an activity.

To be honest these aren’t favourites of the little people in our house to EAT but the story as you make them is a nice activity and a good way to explain the Easter story a little.

Resurrection cookies

Here’s the how to…

FIRST MOST IMPORTANT STEP = Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees – or just whack it up to the hottest it will go. Do this before you do anything else, not like half way through the recipe.

Put the nuts in a bowl and have the kids beat them. If you are a proper grown up you may own a pestle and mortar in which to do this. If you are winging it like me then use a bowl and the end of your rolling pin/other bashing instrument. Explain that when Jesus was arrested he was beaten by the Romans.

resurrection cookies

Let your children taste a little vinegar and explain that when Jesus was on the cross all he was given to drink was Vinegar. Add vinegar to the mixing bowl.

Put the 3 egg whites into the mixing bowl and explain that the egg is a symbol for life and that Jesus gave his life for us. You can also add in a little about Easter Eggs and how we give them as a symbol of new life if things are getting a little heavy at this point.

resurrection cookies

Let each child taste the salt (dodge questions about salt and vinegar crisps if you have curious children like mine) and explain that Jesus followers shed bitter salty tears at his death. Add a pinch of salt to the mixing bowl.

Now let everyone have a taste of sugar. This is the sweet end to the story, Jesus so loved us that he died FOR us so that we might have eternal life. Add the sugar to the bowl and set the mixer for 12 – 15 minutes until the egg whites are forming stiff peaks.

resurrection cookies

Once the egg mixture is white and fluffy explain that white is the colour of purity, that we wear at baptism to remind us that through death Jesus took away our sins.

Now add the broken and beaten nuts to the egg mix gently folding it in. Spoon out the mixture onto a greaseproof baking tray into individual mounds. Explain how these are like the rocky tomb that Jesus was buried in and how a heavy stone was placed over the entrance to the cave. Amelie was a little confused here because she thought they put Jesus in a CAPE.

resurrection cookies

This is the best bit – put the tray into the oven and turn it off. Give everyone a piece of sellotape and get them to seal up the oven door, just like Jesus’ tomb was sealed. I have no photos of this part because as you can see from the one above – all hell had broken loose and there was egg mix on my floor and babies on my worktops!

Leave the cookies in the oven overnight and all go to bed.

In the morning you can take the cookies out, they will have puffed up and cooked through. When you bite into them (at which point all my children are like…yuck we dont like these) they are hollow – just like Jesus tomb was on Easter Sunday because he had risen again (in a non zombie manner – true conversation that Ive had with one of my sons).

Once the whole teaching and fun of making is over and you are left with 12 cookies that your kids wont eat, you can make them all go to bed then take 3 ‘hollow tombs’ smash them up a bit, add strawberries and whipped cream then drizzle with Dissarono et voila, a delicious ‘when the kids are in bed’ treat for mum and dad!.

Happy Easter everyone!!