Pride comes…

… Before a fall!

And boy did I fall! After a few weeks of bossing it business wise, health wise and family wise, did I stack it and land with a bang last week.

I walked out of my front door, slipped on nothing and down I went. All 16, 15, 14, a lot of stones of me straight down right onto my kneecap, my hands didnt even leave my sides, the kneecap took it all. It dislocated and broke, obvs. The paramedics arrived and relocated it for me while I was laid on my driveway with my only good pair of trousers cut open (by ‘only good pair’ I mean only pair not from Pennys), which was really nice of them. An Xray showed a break in 4 places, A CT Scan showed 5, and when they cut it open on the surgery table there were no less than 6 little tiny bone fragments all waiting to be wired and screwed back together. Yummy.

Naively I thought I would leap off the surgical table do a little ‘I get knocked down – but I get up again’ victory dance and hop off into the sunset. Sadly I reacted badly to the anaesthetic, fully threw myself at the Dr who I thought looked like Zac Efron (I told him he was ripped and that I “deffo would”, which to be fair was probably the most exciting thing thats ever happened to him because when I was free from anaesthetic the day after and I saw him, he was deffo not ripped or hot and I deffo would NOT), then I had a reaction to morphine so got to stay an extra day in hospital, then the old man in the hospital bed next to me fell on me in the night (he was thinking ‘i deffo would’ and really with my purple leg and rash who could blame him?), then I came home and ended up back in hospital with a reaction to another painkiller and lastly just in general surgery recovery with 5 small people is no freaking joke. My leg also really hurts and cant be bent more than 30 degrees because its in a massive brace thing and there is only a tiny little thin plaster between the world and my 26 surgical staples which feel like they are gonna pop out any time. There will be no victory dancing for a little while yet.

It was all going so well. The 10 year vow renewal last month (upcoming post about that badboy), winning a pretty large contract work wise, networking, starting my own network, finding exercise classes I actually liked and could haul ass to, a healthier lifestyle (Ive swapped regular potato for sweet potato which is a pretty drastic lifestyle change I think) and the icing on the cake being 5 happy healthy kids who crack me up daily. I mean, dont get me wrong there were bad days, and most days ended with me falling into bed wrecked and wondering if I’d done enough on all of the above to keep everything moving forward, but like the song says ‘you dont know what you’ve got till its gone’ and generally life was pretty good. 

Im not going to be going anywhere or doing anything much for a long while yet. The Summer family road trip around Europe and camping holiday is cancelled. Concert tickets have been sold. Festival tickets have been returned (no big deal, Ed Sheeran is getting a bit annoying now anyway). I’ll be enrolling the kids into as many summer camps as we can afford now that Im not out hustling my butt off working and Mr Clev is doing everything and juggling childcare, because even though I’m home Im useless at doing anything. Maybe in September I can drive again, and maybe in January I can start exercising again (Ive signed up to do the Dublin Marathon again in 2018 as like a big scary challenge to work towards, probs a drug addled decision but yolo) Im hoping for the very best and being a good girl doing my physio every day.

If anything this experience has been great in that its forced me to slow down, actually stop. I cant physically do anything other than hug and love my kids and thats only if they come to me – which Cora wont, really glad I breastfed her for 3 years because our bond is so strong right now….not. I cant actually get into bed on my own because its too high for me and I cant lift my leg up (insert joke about how with 5 kids getting a leg over cant be something I usually struggle with). I rely on people to bring me stuff all the time and it drives me insane but its a great lesson in being more grateful and appreciating people so much more than I was.

Life is always better when you look at the positives and I guess the biggest positive to come out of this is the hours and hours that I now have to write stuff on this long lost blog of mine! HA! lucky you guys Im on rest for the next 4 weeks so thats a lorra lorra posts 😉 Im going to start this up again and see where it goes. God knows I don’t have a lot else to do!

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