New year, New Netflix….




As part of the great budget cut of January 2015 the Sky box has been removed from our bedroom. Our bedroom tv solely runs on the Apple TV which means that we can pretty much only watch Netflix, or films that we have have on our iTunes. Heres what we have enjoyed this month….


Dallas Buyers Club. I can totally see why Matthew McConaughey bagged the Oscar for this film. Not going to lie it took me 2 goes to watch the whole thing, but I’m glad I did. Great story, great acting and very hard hitting.




Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We watch an episode here and there and gradually are working our way through this series. It actually has us in fits of laughter. Sort of inbetweeners set in a New York Police department, with less gross stuff and hotter actors. The main guy is HOT (see exhibit A below). Worryingly my StreamTeam email has this in the ‘teenage’ section which probably says quite a lot about my maturity and mental age!. If you need a laugh this is the one to watch.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 14.04.26


So I have a two year old who NEVER sleeps. Over Christmas because of all the festivities and coming and going there were a good few nights (im sure theres more to come of these) where Vivi and I were still up at 11/1 am. I do not at all condone allowing your child to fall asleep watching TV – if anything I actually think its really lazy bad parenting. HOWEVER when you have a toddler who is hell bent on waking everyone in the entire house up at some unholy hour in the morning, a bit of Veggie tales cant do any harm. Yes you read that right – Veggie Tales. Tales about vegetables. Im not going to lie – Ive never fully concentrated on whats happening in it, so it could be some really dodgy stuff for all I know BUT it keeps Vivi quiet, and after 2 or so episodes she falls alseep. Just a heads up incase anyone else has children who like a late night party!!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 14.05.32


Lastly, and I know im super late to the party on this one…..Orange is the New Black. Its amazing. No really. Its seriously good, and its based on a true story. I dont know why I didnt get right on this when we first got Netflix but Im catching up now and am nearly on season two, and cant wait for season three!!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 14.05.37


Other things we have watched have been ‘A Year in Burgundy’ all about wine making, that was a good pre sleep documentary. The Bridge is another one I would recommend. Mr Clev and I are working our way through creepy documentaries, like the ones about serial killers and stuff. Not because we are deviants or anything just because its compulsive viewing. The Bridge films The Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco for a year and tells the stories of the people who jumped to their deaths from there. Yeah its incredibly morbid but also really fascinating. It shocked us just how many people walked past humans in such inherent need and completely ignored them. A hard hitting and thought provoking watch, especially during this post xmas slump when people do feel a bit down and out sometimes. We also watched ‘Happy’ a documentary quite different from ‘The Bridge’ about what makes us happy, and the search for happiness and people chasing it. Along with probably 95% of the world during January Im on a bit of a ‘lets enrich my life, try and be a bit healthier, love one another’ kick, so anything a bit hippy and profound on TV at the moment is calling to me. Nightly bedtime docu watching has become a thing in our house, ill update more the more I watch!


As part of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given an apple tv and years subscription to Netflix in return for regular posts, however, all opinions are my own.

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