Netflix – March and April


Big changes afoot in the house of Clev. Not only have we done away with the Sky box in our bedroom, but we have also cancelled the movies package on our main tv. Mainly because we are watching Netflix so much, its also a massive saving financially. I love how easily I can control Netflix. No adverts, no hours of mindless viewing and most importantly no channel flicking. TV + Xbox time is a battle in our house and Netflix is a good compromise.

Here’s what we are loving on Netflix over the Easter holidays…

Yo Gabba Gabba. Pretty much everyone enjoys this, even me, there’s an episode with Elijah Wood in it! I loved him so much as a teen then he turned into Frodo and now in my mind he is 3 foot tall and has weird ears – RUINED I tell you! I also love how they have funked up (read that again properly) music. Also all the kids who feature have edgy names, like Dillon or Apollo. Basically all the cool kids (mine included) are loving DJ Lance.

Richie Rich – MUCH better than Jesse, Austin & Ally and co who drive me insane on Disney channel (with the annoying advert breaks or worse; music video breaks featuring annoying boy bands). Luis is really into this, he would Netflix marathon this if he could. I have to admit I’ve not sat and watched a full episode but the bits I have caught are funny and innocent enough.


The Magic School Bus – I loved this as a child and all of my children do too. Miss Frizzle is actually my mum, serious, that’s probably why we all like it.  Also it has the most epic intro song ever ‘ride on the magic school bus, honk ya horn!’ its up there with Saved by the Bell and Sweet Valley High for me.  Along the same line of 90s American kids cartoons we have been enjoying ‘The Busytown Mysteries’ based on the Richard Scary books (which we all love in this house). They aren’t too bright and in your face which I always appreciate, but they hold kids attention and are mildly educational.

Winnie the Pooh – What can I say? Its a classic. Cora and Vivi will sit and watch an episode of this quite quietly which is really saying something because they are currently going through a tag team ‘search and destroy’ phase. When I need to do something like unstack the dishwasher or do some laundry I put on an episode of Winnie the Pooh. Needs must!




I also just had the heads up about this new show starting soon, ‘dragons race to the edge’, looks like the sort of thing the older three will love as they really enjoyed ‘how to train your dragon’. You can check out the trailer here.

As part of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given an apple tv and years subscription to Netflix in return for blog posts, however, all opinions are my own.

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