Loving life in Ireland

We have been asked a few times recently if we would ever move back to England. I have to say that I’m not sure we would. Mr Clev and I have talked and we feel our next move career wise for him would be the USA. However with five children and the astronomical costs of university there we either need to start saving now, or the job offer would have to be amazing!! In all honesty we will probably stay here, that way we can send the kids back home for uni. I guess you never know what’s around the corner though! For now we are loving our life here and have no plans to return back to the uk. 

We are loving it here. The pace is slower, we are much more chilled out. The children are more free, happier, they entertain themselves a lot better, and they get on better. I did wonder if its because the sun is shining and there’s no school that we feel like this. In all honesty we felt like this even when the boys were at school. 
We (the children and I) are crossing off a lot of our summer bucket list items. Most of these photos are recent ones from our heat wave and my sister visiting. 
We just signed up for a years heritage pass. We went to cloonmacnoise which is really local to us. The kiddos love running around here and exploring, I also am starting to think they are enjoying posing for photos because of the attention they get from tourists.

We have been to the park a lot. We are headed there again today with a picnic. The last 2 weeks have been busy with visitors, next week we have Gaelic camp for the boys. It’s over the road so will be nice to chill out for a few days and take it easy. 
Luis and Maxi are playing so nicely together now. Not that they didn’t before. Or maybe I notice it more now. But they are kind of inseparable at the minute. 

Amelie still isn’t sleeping. She is actually really hard work. But she is so lovely and cute and girlie. It’s really hard not to give in to her all the time. Mornings and night time are tough, she wakes up grumpy as anything and by 6pm starts going into what we affectionately call ‘beast mode’. I hope it’s a phase. 

The above photo is coosan point again. Honestly we love it here! The children paddle and me and mr Clev take plastic wine glasses and some vino, it’s so relaxing. 
Mr Clev and Aun Kakey both went dock diving the other night. So much fun! Literally can’t wait until I can do it next year! I feel we definitely need some sort of water vechile soon though, or at least by next summer. So we can fully appreciate the water! 
That’s a little taster of our activities this week. I need to blog about our beach day too! We return to the beach tomorrow with daddy, which is always fun! Relaxing today after our busy week, and getting the house back in order. If I don’t do 2 loads of washing a day my system gets all mucked up! 

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