Its the trying that counts….right??

6 months we have been here now.

We tried.

We really, really tried.

We learnt the rules.

We watched it on TV.

We took the boys down the pitch to play.

But its no use.

Gaelic football is not for us.

We are a ‘soccer’ family.

Friday night Mr Clev took the Clev boyos to Athlone Town FC. They are currently league 1 and needed 2 points from this game to go up into the Airtricity league, which is the same as the Premier League. We had no plans to go, but tickets were 10 euro per adult and kids under 14 free and with nothing else to do it seemed silly not to at least go for one half! 

The moment the whilstle blew. Mr Clev reports that Maxi was beside himself with evident in the video really. Also there was a streaker AND a pitch invasion. On my life ‘bucket list’ item number 2 is ‘take part in a proper pitch invasion’. When I watched the video I told Mr Clev that had I been there I would have abandoned him and the kids in the stands so I could get involved, but alas, I shall have to wait until my boys win the world cup for England until my pitch invasion dream comes true……

Saturday morning – Luis and Maxi make their debut for Temple Villa FC (cropped team photo). A total of 8 goals between them over 3 matches. Not too shoddy if I do say so myself. Maxi also played goalie at one point and nearly saved a penalty.

Possibly one of Mr Clev and my life highlights was seeing Maxi run the ball down the left wing and pass an absolute blinder of a ball through to Luis who finished it smack in the goal, they then ran straight to each other to hug and celebrate. I actually cried and Im pretty sure Mr Clev got a bit teary too.

So back to the title…. It’s the trying that counts, but try as we might we are soccer, not Gaelic, through and through!!! 

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