Its here!!!

Coming from sunny south London I have to say that I miss the early start to Summer that you get back home. You can bet on good weather from at least June through to September. Its different here, I feel like this year we have had so many false starts BUT this week, well this week my car has not recorded any single figure temperatures. Yesterday it reached 25 degrees which means about 20 in real life. Amazing.

its here


My Dad lives in a beautiful property in Galway that really comes into its own during the summer. Theres a patio with a view, a tree-house, walks, and of course Dobbin and Petal. A few weeks ago we had a summer false start and had a BBQ and day of fun so I thought I would share photos. I took 100+ photos of the pose above in the tree-house and this was the best of the bunch. Think its a framer.


Amelie is pony obsessed. This is the first time she has taken Dobbs out for a walk and she loved it. ¬†For her birthday (in October) she wants a white horse wrapped up in pink paper. Nice easy request this year…



Other than the ponies (and grandparents – goes without saying) the other highlight of Grandads house has to be the tree house. Again, during winter it just sits there but given a sunny day the kids are all over it. The saying ‘boys will be boys’ rings true when I see these two brothers making up games, climbing and swinging on the tyre swing.



We were writing our summer bucket lists yesterday and ‘more fun at Grandads’ ranks highly this year. I have such fond memories of my own grandparents, and summer holidays spent on the beach or in their back garden having fun and it really is good for my soul to see my own children now doing the same. We eventually decided against going back to England this summer, so knowing that we have family here and lots of days planned out is really cheering us all up. I’ll share our summer list soon, have to get through a pre-school graduation, end of term awards, school and preschool settling sessions and a certain little ladies third birthday first!











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