Is Juice Plus worth it?

Im going to dive straight into this one because Juice Plus is taking up my Facebook newsfeed with everyone from 19 year olds to 60 year olds flogging it & I know loads of people who are wondering if its a fad or if its a miracle & what the story is. Juice Plus has been called a pyramid scheme & a fad by Watchdog in the UK but if you google it loads of independent studies come up on the first page that all highlight the benefits of Juice Plus. Also see Facebook for evidence of lots of under 30’s making bank selling on weight-loss plans etc. The internet never lies so do your own research either way ?

So how did I get started on Juice Plus?
This is me……

I started the New Year full of promise & exercises classes and having a grand old time, until I broke my kneecap and now resemble Honey Boo Boos mother (i cant remember her name) before she lost all her weight for a reality tv show. In short I am on the look out for a really easy way to lose weight because I have a lot to lose. I also like to eat. A lot.

Two ladies from the Juice Plus Franchise joined the business network I’m part of about 6 weeks before my accident & I gradually learned more about the product each week. The capsules they sell are basically fruit and veg dried up, blitzed up and made into a pill. Its sort of like a vegan version of placenta pills, all natural. With no worry over side effects I thought I’d give it a go. Full disclosure here, the things that attracted me were;
1) I wanted to give the two new girls to the network a referral because I was chairperson & I wanted them to feel welcome!
2) I kind of wanted to see if all the people on my Facebook feed who were banging on about the ‘juice plus glow’ were on to something or if it was actually a cult.
and the biggest one
3) I thought Juice Plus might be a miracle pill which would help me drop the 7 entire stone that I need to shed my body of without me actually having to do any work other than swallow 6 horse sized pills every day.

I signed up and got started & for a good week I burped grass, soon learning this was because I was super dehydrated and needed to drink a tonne more water (and less caffeine). Then I ended up in surgery & having a really shitty time but kept up with the capsules because of more than ever wanting to shift weight & get a healthy glow! Im at the end of my 4 month box of capsules now & have also finished a whole pack of the protein powder & here are my answers to common questions about my experience with Juice Plus.

Have you noticed any differences?
I’ll answer the burning question first – did I lose 7 stone? Erm, sadly thats a big fat (literally) no.
Juice plus is not a miracle weight loss pill. With drinking a lot more water every day I’ve not been hungry as much which is a winner. For the most part all I have done is popped the pills every day instead of living really healthy. I’ve had good days and bad days I guess as is natural when recovering from major surgery. To give myself credit though Ive started thinking healthier and making subtle changes. Most mornings I have protein pancakes or a shake for breakfast which is a mega change from bagels, toast & more toast. The main changer here was that being on the capsules meant that I was introduced to seriously healthy people & added to a Shred 10 group on Facebook. The Shred 10 is ten days of eating super clean and healthy and even I managed a good 7 out of the 10 days, which for someone on crutches with the motivation of a goldfish is very good. This has been a huge benefit to me for sure and I have lost some weight, but nothing dramatic (and its my own fault). The group is fantastic and has really kept me going and inspired me with some healthy eating. I notice the days Im not on Facebook or seeing those posts are the days I end up binging on shite more. Im chalking up a win on this one as I feel like my habits are changing.

The second big benefit is that my skin is getting better. Im one of those people who gets awful breakouts if I’m stressed, tired or menstrual. I think I have adult acne but I went to a facialist (I dunno if thats a word but we’ll go with it) who said I was being dramatic and then proceeded to sell me €350 worth of creams which I applied all the time for about 8 weeks when they all ran out. There was zero difference in my skin & when I returned in April I was pushed even more creams (I said no this time!). Essentially with Juice Plus Ive spent almost the same amount of money, over a longer period & got a better results with other benefits too. I know lots of people in the UK bang on about the Juice Plus Glow & while Im not fully experiencing that fully right now I can see big differences in my hair, nails and in my skin. That is a definite WIN for me ?

Lastly Ive really noticed I’ve had more energy & am not as sluggish. This is a bit of a weird time for me, in general across the board Im not sleeping great at all. Im usually a 10 hour a night person & love my sleep but since having surgery thats just not been happening. Im also not exercising at all. Its not an ideal situation yet the last two months I have had more energy than I would usually have given the poor sleep circumstances. I can only credit Juice Plus to this as I know from having 5 kids that without sleep I’m usually useless & a complete bee-yotch, whereas I seem not to be like that now!.

So what about the flip side? Aren’t they expensive?
Its relative. I personally think €79 a month is expensive and I know many a Juice Plus rep who will say “but theres no price on health” but €79 a month is a lot of money to spend on blitzed up fruit and veg. I justify it as mentioned above, with the skin creams & adult acne. €350 every 8 weeks & €50 a week for a facial is freaking expensive. Juice Plus in comparison gives me more benefits for less dolla.  I should also add that my children are all getting JP gummies for free along with my capsules. So the whole family (minus Mr Clev) are benefitting. Plus as Im not living in the local coffee shop anymore I have the extra pennies to spend! Im happy to justify the cost like that but if we needed to tighten the purse strings I would have to reconsider or take out my own franchise to get it cheaper!.

Would I recommend it?
Yes I would. Its only after the full four months I’d say that though! For me clearer skin, better energy & healthier lifestyle (I know the last one is an individual thing so not sure if that counts for a recommendation) have all been great. Im the most cynical person ever and as you saw above my reasons for trying it weren’t exactly life altering or groundbreaking so the fact that I would actually tell other people that its good is really saying something!! I’m keen to start Mr Clev on it too as I think the extra veggies would help him with his colitis. I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone who easts shite, is tired and whose digestive system doesn’t particularly work as well as it could be.

Am I selling this stuff?
Im not actively selling Juice Plus nor have I been paid or compensated for this review, people know Im on it and have been asking questions. If you want to know more the website is here, and you can message me on Facebook or Instagram and I can put you in touch with a seller (that makes me sound like a drug dealer but you get what I mean!!!!!!) if you do want to try it out yourself. I would consider a franchise of my own because its only €60 to take out & you get your product cheaper. Ive done network marketing in the past & think its a great way to earn extra income. Its something I am considering but I would never start clogging up everyones social media with the Juice Plus Glow & bridging the gap so there is no need to panic there and unfollow me ??

So that is my very long, very honest review of Juice Plus. Have any of my lovely readers tried it? if so what did you think? Id love to hear!