I’m Back!

So long time no post so to get back into the swing of things here’s a list of whats been going down since August (when I last blogged – eeek!)

  1. I had a little jig around with the site. Big things are happening here work wise and this is built with new software we are developing. Its not 100% done yet, but Its getting there (‘there’ will include a much nicer menu AND a nicer blog page too)
  2. We went back to England at the start of September, I have lots of posts coming up about where we went and some ideas for London days out with lots of kiddos in tow! I am missing my hometown lots in the run up to Christmas, I have to keep reminding myself that if I lived back there I’d be yearning for Irelands greenness in no time and that packed trains and 5 kids are deffo not the one.


  3. I turned 30. Officially now 30. Im going to live until im 100, but I think anything over 90 is a bonus, which means that 1/3 of my life is now over. This next 1/3 from 30-60 needs to be filled with joy, wealth and lots of adventure.
  4. I finished the Dublin Marathon and am still in one piece (post coming up!).
  5. We had friends from Florida visit us and now I have major FOMO about all the sun- rays- on – skin feeling, ocean swimming, beach walking and shrimp eating I should be doing. I need to make a St Augustine trip happen soon (I also need to find someone who can sell me some mind numbing drugs to get me on a 10 hour flight with my 5 children – I jest).
  6. We fell in love with a plot of land and was this close to purchasing it before planning all went to pot and it fell through. Still, thiiiiiis close though, so its coming – and so is the Instagram accompanied by Gone with the Wind quotes about land. Devastated this didn’t happen this year but feeling even more determined to get my patch of the world in 2016.
  7. I’ve discovered Podcasts and now speak with a little American lilt like all my podcast pals do. Quite tempted to start a podcast about large family living in the middle of Ireland but fear no one will understand what I’m saying because of weird uk/irish/wannabe american accent I currently have going on. My favourite is another mother runner, and also the Rich Roll podcast. I like to listen as im out running and pretend that Im skinny, eat green stuff, live in SoCal and care about the planet.


  8. I now have 3 children at school and one at pre-school so only one babe at home with me. Cora misses everyone, Amelie is only just starting to go in without screaming the place down and Vivi is pure St Trinians material – a crazy ball of energy and mischief with the ‘lellowist’ hair and bluest eyes that get her out of everything!. Both boys are settled back into school routines and Maxi is making his first holy communion in May so we are all systems go for that. Luis is coming up for his 10th birthday and thats just like a huge slap in the face of ‘how young was I when I had him’ and ‘theres no way im even old enough to have a 10 year old’ and ‘shit man teenage years are just around the corner’.
  9. I have a blog schedule and have revamped the home office. Mr Clev moved out (of the office, he still lives here duh) so I had more space to play around with and needed a place to be functional for me to work, a little place where the kids could be entertained and possibly do some work of their own PLUS we still had to be able to get the Sofabed out for when people came to stay. This amazing transformation will feature on the blog in due course.
  10. ITS CHRISTMAS!!!! Well nearly christmas, and the most exciting thing about this is that our Elf, Buddy, returned from the North Pole for all sorts of elf mischief AND came with a girlfriend!! check out their shenanigans over on my instagram search #buddyandrosie (we aren’t the beagles – but they are cute!).

So thats pretty much where I’m at. The break was nice, but I’ve been itching to get back writing and get some ‘me’ time. I’m also excited to steer this blog in a bit more of a direction rather than just general brain dumps. As before you can find me on instagram (I sometimes post photos of things other than elves) and facebook. Yay for blogging again!!!

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

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