Happy Halloween!!!

Did you know it was Halloween last month? Reasons for not blogging recently include but are not limited to the following
1) I have a very sick child who is off school indefinatley at the moment and needs lots of love and cuddles.
2) I have a teething child who needs to be carried everywhere
3) I have a two year old. Do you remember what two year olds are like? Vivis favourite words = No, Peeup (pick up) and Dosen (Frozen).
4) I have a husband who works all the time. Which means I cant work because Im on childcare duty round the clock so he can work, because he is busy, which is good, but also very difficult as it means Im not sure if im coming or going most of the time!


Sooooo Halloween. I love it. Our road in England used to do a pretty good Halloween night, all the houses decorated and the whole street out. I missed that this year. We went to a local Halloween party, and then had the entire village descend on our little crescent to trick or treat. It was fun to see all the houses decorated, and all the kids out having fun.



Halloween festivities for us started on the first day of half term. We decorated AND made cupcakes. My children cried out for more Halloween themed awesomeness and it was apparent to me I had peaked too soon. Next year I will plan something for each day, and string it out a bit longer. Everyone pitched in with making decorations and stringing them out. The famous fence panels made an appearance again. We also painted a new sign ‘Witch parking only, all others will be Toad’ – boom boom, geddit?!.


The chalkboards also came out. Seriously, best, easiest and cheapest way to create seasonal décor. Better believe Im already searching pinterest for some Christmassy themed goodness.



We went for a non group theme this year, much to my disappointment. I really really need to make the Von Trapp family singers costume happen at some point. It may already be too late as the boys were none too keen on it as it was this year. Next year, I’ll have better bribes and make it happen. This year we were (from left to right) A dead Mummy (as opposed to a live one), a shark, a pumpkin, snow white and a vampire.


And that friends is pretty much our Halloween. There, its on the blog, finally, for prosperity and all.

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