For the win

Ive not blogged in a month and apparently am doing really badly with my Jan Goals. Well actually my financial goals are all ok, and I’m a bit better at carving out time for myself, its just I’ve been using it to sleep or read other peoples blogs rather than write my own. During January we battled two bouts of the sickness bug, one round of cold/flu, and at the end of the month a baptism. Yeah, not so much time for blogging when you have poorly children who need you all.the.time.

But the sickness bug did lead to a kick start loss of nearly 9 lbs in total for the month so can’t complain too much! If only I could contract a non fatal form of dysentery before April then I could even shift an entire stone in time for our jaunt back to the UK!haha!

My 5 little munchkins are wearing me out. This is undoubtedly the hardest period so far in my parenting journey, its also the funnest though. As stated a million times already, Vivi and Cora are my closest age gap with a little over a year between the two. This means that Vivi can not be trusted to be in the same room as Cora, even having the car seats next to each other is a little bit dodgy – Vivi can’t be trusted not to poke, prod or dump food on top of her baby sister.

This is a usual view in the House of Clev followed by a “viviiiiiii no poking’….

When I just had my boys (as much as I loved them) I was very vocal about wanting a girl baby one day. I wanted a girl so so bad. One who would like dancing, and singing, and hair bows and cute outfits, and like horses, and ballet and be a princess but also a bit tough, and cool. I now have three of them. They run me ragged!!!! Amelie is basically a mini version of Regina George, Vivi is miss independent and Cora is just a baby, a very happy one at that though. Now I don’t really care what they are into (which is good because they all HATE hair bows with a passion!) I just love having them around. They crack me up.

This was one of many practise baptism dress ups…

Some classic moments recently have included….

1) scene: aldi
    Action: me pushing the trolley with Amelie and vivi in the seats and Cora’s car seat wedged into the trolley, with a pitiful excuse for a weekly shop wedged in around her (I miss costco and their huge family trollies)
    Cora: waaaahhhhh waaaaaahhhhhhh waaaaaaahhhhhhh
    Vivi: trying to get out of her seat
    Cora: waaaaah waaaahhhhh waaaaahhh
    Older lady: oh you poor love you’ve your hands full
    Me (in my head not out loud) knob off you chump
    Me: (while tying to open the freezer for chicken nuggets and save vivi from falling out the trolley) yes they keep me on my toes (big fake smile)
    Older lady to Amelie : aren’t you a dote, are you helping your mammy, I bet you are such a lovely little princess aren’t you?
    Cora: waaaaah waaaaaaah waaaaaaaaahhhhhh feed me now you idiot!!!! 
    Amelie : (looking directly at Older lady) Cora wants milk, from mummies boobies, my boobies are too small but your boobies are big but you cant feed Cora, only mummy, mummy has nice boobies but she has to go to the doctors to make them bigger (never take a child to an appointment about milk supply)
Me : (ground open and swallow me and my chicken nuggets please)
Older lady : Goes redder than a beet
Amelie : Smiles sweetly
Cora: waaaaahhhhhhhhhh


2) School mum: blah blah blah something about Daddies
Amelie: My daddy is at work
School mum: Ah isn’t that nice, will he be home later?
Amelie: Yes. Work is only for boys because boys are stinky, girls are the best, girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to jupiter and just get stupider
School mum: high five!!!

To be fair Amelie is only vocalising what we are all thinking right?

Sweet and sassy that one is!! Ive not actually ventured back to Aldi since, and I try to discourage people from talking to us by avoiding eye contact as clearly Amelie is a bit of a vocal liability at the moment. She has also developed a penchant for the selfie and I currently have about 500 of these on my iPad…


In other news Luis and Maxi have their first parents evening next week. Big eeeek! hope they have been good or there will be trouble!

Vivienne has been referred to speech therapy. Im not sure how I feel about this. Maxi had speech issues and was in therapy for a school year between 3-4 years old. It did him the world of good. Im happy as I know it will help Vivi but also wonder if its pushing her a bit too much? like can’t she just speak when she is good and ready?

Cora is growing like a weed. We are co-sleeping with her. Wait. I am co-sleeping with her. Mr Clev is not sleeping. Mainly because of a little mrs called Bamas and another called Bibidity who are Amelie and Vivis evil alter ego’s that come out between the hours of 7pm-6am.

I owe a post on the girls Baptism because my mum is the only person who reads this blog and would more than likely like to see all the photos.

But for now Im going to pat myself on the back about writing an actual half decent post, and go and sort the dinner out. Have a  good weekend blog readers aka mum.

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