First Communion Week

I had totally underestimated how big of a deal communions were here, my step-mum and I were talking about what the plans were and I lamented that surely a bit of cake and a glass of fizz would do and she gave me ‘the look’ and told me for the communion you ‘have to have it’!

So have it we will.

Lunches, magic shows, champions league final (although big boo hoo that Chelsea didn’t make it!), football matches, and most exciting 4 tickets to the One Direction gig on Sunday!!! (shhhh its a secret!)

(Disclaimer – I obviously know the religious importance and significance of First Holy Communion, I had just underestimated the after party celebration part as back home they aren’t very commonplace – true story, Ive had to buy all the Godson/Grandson communion cards here because no dice back home!!!)

We have a full 4 days of family and friend related fun (lots of Fs!!) coming up.  I have pre-written and scheduled posts to auto publish for the remaining of the week – which I shall helpfully call ‘First Communion Week’. I have a recipe, favour ideas, and a review with discount code for you all! Lucky people!!!

First up – The lovely people at Lily Charmed sent me a gorgeous communion gift bracelet to review, which I shall be doing so tomorrow, so be sure to check back! You also get a code for 10% off all orders placed until the 30th July.

On Thursday I have favour and decorating ideas including this super cute thank you message from your child to his/her guests. I have a deep love for Chalkboards and print writing. My Grandy did the most awesome adverts and printing and I have fond memories of afternoons spent doodling with him. I have passed my love on to Luis who spent a fair few hours copying this (and still isnt quite happy with it!).

I don’t have instructions for the bad boy below but will share some of my top tips for writing on chalk (this isn’t quite finished yet but is a work in process!).

I also have a quick recipe for you, and then sometime next week will give a recap of how the day went along with millions and trillions of photos and mushy emotional sentiments. Right – See you on the other side!!!!

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