Dog Days…

Is that right – are they called the Dog Days of summer? I think they are you know! Anyway, the summer is ending. Last few days of the holidays left now, so here is a quick recap as to how we spent them!!!!

Last week Luis had soccer camp in Mount Temple. He was loving it!! I had planned to spend that week getting ready for school and doing important things like that, but the reality was that I dropped him at camp every day and just survived with the other two at home.

This week just gone my bff from primary school came over to see us! Hi Toria!!! I met her at the airport in Dublin on Saturday for a day sans kiddos. We went to Chez Max by Dublin Castle for lunch which was yummy, and then had a stroll around the ‘cool’ part of Dub where all the vintage shops and markets are. I feel like Im getting to know Dublin a bit more now, I have enjoyed 2 child free days there this summer but Im excited to go back and enjoy it with my children too.

Sunday we had a chill day and went to Clonmacnoise, before coming home to play ‘great British bake off’ and cook and eat an epic roast dinner! 

Monday we took off into Galway for some lunch and a mooch. I love Galway, I love it more than Dublin. I love its atsy and cool vibe, plus the fact its totally family friendly and you can walk round it pretty easily and park easily too. We had lunch at Milano which is basically Pizza Express. The kiddos got to make their own Pizzas! fun times!

Love this one!

Monday night we relaxed here, Tuesday was home time. We loved having Toria here for some chilled out days and I am mega grateful she was happy to do cheap and easy things rather than want to do a full blown tour of Ireland.

Im seeing my sister tomorrow, my mum and mum in law come Saturday (meeting in Dublin) and then Sunday is getting ready for back to school…..just a few more days of survival before we can settle back down a bit!

Better go – the sofa is calling my name…er I mean…I have floors to scrub!!!!

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