Dudes. Google ‘things to do in Ireland’ and Clonmacnoise comes up as one of the top 10. Its literally 5 minutes drive from my house. Cool.

Its a monastery /ruined castle/ graveyard and visitors centre /shop attraction on the banks of the River Shannon.
We visited last week when Nanny Barry came to stay. Hiiiii nanny barry and papa Chris, I know you are reading!!!

Woooohoooo!! Shout out for the Backpack + a very young hip nanny!!

I should probably say that I felt deeply close to the Lord, and was moved on a deep spiritual level (which Im pretty sure my mum probably was as she is a bit of a hippy) but I was just concerned with making sure the kids stopped climbing the ruins and jumping on dead monks graves..eeeeeekkkkkk!!!! I think the reverence of Clonmacnoise was completely lost on Maxi who at one point told me “Mummy if you jump hard on the stones then the zombies will come up and you can kill them”. What a delightful little love!!! 

Guess the child – Is it Luis or Amelie?! So alike 🙂

Its amazing how well preserved this place is, considering its been there since the 7th century and gets battered daily with wind, rain, snow and other bad weather (I know it apparently is sometimes is really hot and sunny here but Im yet to experience the full extent of that so for now I will stick with ‘bad weather’)

 See what I mean about climbing? I love how boys are just fearless, they see a wall, they must climb it, like the unwritten rule of boys.

 The other really cool thing about when we visited is that we went after school and the centre shut at 4pm because of a funeral, we did miss out on the exhibition, but we didnt have to pay to access the outside! wahey 20 Euros saved! I do want to go to the exhibition at some point though, I love me some history and this place is full of it.

Brooding skies and grey stone. I do love this kind of thing

 I think about a week after we moved over I hit a wall and thought “who the hell do I think I am? packing up a house, 4 kids and driving us over to live in the middle of Ireland aka middle of nowhere, I HAVE WELL AND TRULY LOST IT THIS TIME”. But the more I go to these places, the more the kids play out and the happier and more settled they become, I’m actually thinking “I’m so glad I was brave enough to do this”. You are only on the planet once so you may as well make the most of it! So many people say that but dont live by it. Not me!! Ive already put in the request to the husband that next time we emigrate we go somewhere HOT!!!! (Anyone know any design jobs going in Florida?!)

Ok last Clonmacnoise photo –

I love her so much xxx

Next up to post, Our day in the Whiskey Distillery, and a windy day in Galway Bay.

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