Chill days…

Do you ever get to the point where you just look at the kids and think ‘man they need to chill out’? 

No? Just me then! 
Maxi and Luis were off school today. Maxi was up all night and has a burning temperature, and Luis didn’t sleep well and is just shattered. It was clear to me as they were both still sleeping at 8:45am that school was a no go today.
We have watched a grand total of 3 films today, starting with high school musical 2. I know most normal people would probably have cuddled up all the kids on the sofa, whacked on the film and then got on with housework and washing and baking and all of those more important tasks, but not this mama! No way, high school musical is possibly one of my favourite films so I sat with them and sang along – which Luis thought was way cool. 
Second up was cars, which to be fair we kind of all napped through. And then Petes dragon. The oldies are always the best. Serious all the kids were captivated by this tale of a boy and his dragon. You should all watch it (by all I’m still talking my mum, chris, Weez and randomers from America) 
We didn’t eat one meal in our kitchen today (where the table is) nope, we ate all our meals on the sofa in front of the fire and tv. 
My house is a mess and the washing is stacking up, but it can wait until tomorrow. Today was just about relaxing and chilling out, and boy was it needed!! 
Lets hope the sun stays out tomorrow and that everyone is feeling better and more like themselves. 
I actually wrote this on my iPad yesterday and didn’t post it! Happy to report that the day of rest is just what the kiddos needed and they are back to normal today! And the sun has shone and all of Amelie’s Barbies had a wash in the Barbie hot tub we have on our deck!haha!