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MineVention – a great day out

“Hellllllllooooooo this is Stampy” If reading that sends a little shiver down your spine then there’s a strong chance that you, like me, are one of millions of parents with Minecraft obsessed kids. I was sceptical at first, I admit. How could watching a video of someone playing a game rather than playing the game […]

Netflix – Dragons:Race to the Edge

  Just in time for the summer holidays Netflix are releasing a brand spanking new ‘How to Train your Dragon’ feature length film. Dragons: Race to the Edge drops today Friday 26th of June. With Toothless the dragon and his buddy hiccup as well as Amelies personal favourite Astrid back on our screens in this […]

Quinola – tasty gluten free yumminess

It is Coeliac awareness week!!! I don’t have a son who is Coeliac (he has suspected Dematitis Herpetiformis  which is a form of gluten intolerance + on top of that an irritable bowel disease) BUT I do have a sister who is Coeliac and I feel her pain. Maxi is well away with his ‘gooten free’ diet […]

Netflix – March and April

Big changes afoot in the house of Clev. Not only have we done away with the Sky box in our bedroom, but we have also cancelled the movies package on our main tv. Mainly because we are watching Netflix so much, its also a massive saving financially. I love how easily I can control Netflix. […]