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MineVention – a great day out

“Hellllllllooooooo this is Stampy” If reading that sends a little shiver down your spine then there’s a strong chance that you, like me, are one of millions of parents with Minecraft obsessed kids. I was sceptical at first, I admit. How could watching a video of someone playing a game rather than playing the game […]

London Baby

Two weekends ago I headed back to London. I had ‘the call’ on Thursday night. Its ‘the call’ anyone who lives away from their family dreads. You hear the phone ringing at an odd time, you can tell by the persons voice, you know whats coming… something happened, someone is sick, we are having a […]

Warp Speed

I was shopping the other day when Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ came on the radio and remembered the crazy video with Madge singing in her double denim and the super quick video in the background. Well, this is like my life at the moment – minus the double denim.  I’ve had it in my head […]