Bank Holiday Weekend

What a wash out. Ok well it wasnt that bad I guess, but I know from facebook that England had way better weather than we did here and IM SO SO JEALOUS!!!!! I love it here I really do, but there is nothing quite like an English bank holiday at the beach with everyone jammed into a tiny square of sand getting all red and lobster like.

We spent Sunday chilling out at home. We met some more neighbours so Luis, Maxi and Amelie have someone else to play with. One of the reasons we love living over here is that the kids are getting the kind of childhood we had – they play out in the street, they can go to the shop on their own (the shop is literally 20 steps from the house and I of course look out the window at them the entire time they are gone) and they get a chance to be independent. Its great, certainly more sheltered than it was back at home which I guess is a good + bad thing (at the moment I’m still in the honeymoon phase so just focusing on the good!!)

The weather was full on pants, rain, wind, cold, no rain, a bit of sun, more rain, muggy and humid, cold, rainy again, torrential rain which made the other rain seem bearable. We had a big fire, watched loads of films (new transformers = rubbish sci-fi action drivel. Rock of Ages = cheesy sing-a-long greatness, how Tom did not win an Oscar for this film I will never know) and then the crowning glory of the day, a KFC. I can report that KFC here is just as rank as KFC at home, but sometimes you needs some grease and junk in your life, and yesterday was one of those days!!

We decided on Sunday night that whatever the weather was on Monday we would go out – we woke up on Monday to rain, oh well, off we went anyway. Since we moved over Ive got pretty good at keeping spare clothes in the back of the car now, actual spare clothes too, not like random clothes that get weed on and left in the car, or that someone gives me that just stay in the boot!!! I also have a stash of suitable coats – seriously Im a proper mummy now. I even managed to pack some sandwiches and plenty of drinks!!! So we were well prepared, luckily though the weather did clear up (but not to the point of actual feel the rays on your face sun, which Im kind of getting desperate for now, If it doesn’t improve this week Im going to start taking a vitamin D supplement)

We eventually made it to Portlick Bay which is again about 25 minutes away (we just drove the most crazy and stupid way to get there because Im pants at directions)

OMG holy gorgeousness though, Lough Ree is beautiful. We pulled into this little fishing spot (by total accident of course) and it was so peaceful and serene and just really one of those moments where you think ‘wow, im so lucky to be alive’ then 4 small people started yelling and screaming they were hungry and wanted to find the forest, so peaceful and serene went out the window pretty fast, but somehow yells of ‘Im hungry and I want to listen to one Direction’ just added to the sense of luckiness.

But not fast enough that I couldnt snap a piccy with this little beauty 🙂

Portlick is a lovely place too, we parked and did a little nature hike trail thingy along side the bay and in the special ‘millenium forest’ which I comented seemed pretty well grown since it was only planted for the millenium. Mr Clev kindly reminded me that it had been growing for 13 years then, so thats why its pretty well established. I swear the year 2000 was actually yesterday and Im not fast approaching 30 and Im really still 16 ok???

These two are definite horse lovers, they have to go and stroke one if they see it.

We walked through the most beautiful bluebell patch, they were fading slightly but still made for some good photos. I am still yet to capture the elusive ‘perfect’ photo of all 4 of my children looking at the camera, at the same time. Smiling would be a bonus, but Im not too fused so long as they look cute!haha!

The banks of Lough Ree, and YES it was as gloomy as it looks in the photo

I know this is dragging but can I just add, the backpack carrier that Vivi is in, in the photo above was actually MY SISTERS. Which makes it erm, 20 years old! pretty sure its against every single EU child product health and saftey law, but in my book its AWESOME. And stuff from the 90s is totally Vintage now. See, doesnt Mr Clev look like a cool hipster with his vintage baby carrier and his cute girls just strolling along in the forest??!!!

On the agenda for the remainder of the week = more films, more fires (unless there is a heatwave which I would LOVE) school, sports and then Nanny Barry is coming over!hooooray!!!!! Im going to start doing house posts too as everyone wants to see the house (I say everyone which basically means about 6 people who have asked on facebook, not like the whole of the internet) . I shall start with the guest room/office (mainly as thats the one room which is tidy and has the most chance of staying so!)

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