Baby Love

I am so ready to have this baby

The hospital suitcase is packed. I have been way more sensible this time than in the past and only packed a few outfits for baby and me, a spare mascara and then 6 magazines and a fully loaded Ipod. Lets be honest, Im going to be staying in hospital in a ward with up to 8 other women, the baby only eats, sleeps and poops and this being 5th baby I have that whole routine down to like under 40 minutes now….so that leaves the rest of the time for what? no internet or wifi at the hospital (that was number 1 question on the ward tour this week, the nurses laughed, I cried and begged them to let me home after a few hours) so the ipod and magazines are a little after birth luxury that I am hoping to enjoy. I did think I could maybe strike up a conversation with some of the other women on the ward but then realistically thought that one I get home I will be talking constantly to the 4 little people in my life and that I will probably really not be up for small talk with other mums. Plus I was in on Saturday and again today and the only woman I did talk to was going to call her baby ‘fairymae’, I’m sticking with Jamie Oliver mag thanks!! 

The moses basket is all ready in the nursery.  It is all washed and ironed and ready to go, but because of Amelie’s insistence that the baby needs barbies and such I have had to cover the whole thing with a blanket to try and protect it a bit! 

I even stuck up some photos and things on the wall in the ‘baby’ (vivi and new baby) room. The quilt was mine when I was a baby.

The clothes are ready. Cant wait to get my girls into 3 matching tutus. The hair accessories are ready too, even though my babies are always baldies after a few weeks.

The bouncer is good to go, as is the floor mat. These were very kindly handed down to us as we left ours in the UK. I hope this baby will manage to get some floor time in. The health visitor visited me at home after Vivi was born to find her up on the kitchen table in her bouncy chair and was horrified at the saftey risk this posed. I did try and explain that the baby was actually safer up on the table rather than the floor where she was likely to get trodden on, poked, prodded or drawn on, or worse.

The freezer is full of meals.

The lists are written.

I am good to go. I owe a post about the weeks shenanigans with hospital dashes and visits but this will have to do for now! 

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