Autumn Days

Autumn is without doubt my complete favourite season. I love the crunchy leaves, the tree’s, the cooler temperatures. I even am loving the rainy days because I cook something nice and light a fire. We have been eating a lot of stodgy yet healthy meals because carbs are your friend when its cold!

Everyone is back into the swing of back to school. Even Amelie is loving her preschool now and keeps me thoroughly entertained with her outfit choices each Tuesday and Thursday, she dresses herself and is quite the fashionista. Do not be fooled by the cute though, she is an actual beast. She does not sleep, wakes up 3 times a night and can go from sweet and kind to evil in the blink of an eye. She cried solidly for the entire 45 minute journey home from my dads the other day because I would not let her sit in the front. Screamed the whole time. When we got home I walked out of the car and left her in there because I knew that if I were to look at her I would most likely scream at her or smack her (neither of which I wanted to really do). Parenting is hard.

Little miss Vivi is taking a few steps, she got her first shoes. She is in-toeing slightly on her left leg and it appears to be quite a bit weaker than the right one. I’m holding off on doing anything at the moment but have set a milestone of 18 months for proper walking, if she is still struggling at this point then its off to physio we go. I am also doing lots of speech development stuff with her as similarly to Maxi she is a little more chilled out on the language front.

I am officially over 37 weeks pregnant now. Vivi was already here by this point. Im ready for this baby. Bag is packed. Well I say I am ready for this baby, er I still need to go and buy the next size up car seat for Vivi so we have a baby seat to bring this baby home in, oh and also I need to clean the buggy snug for her to go in, and re make the moses basket where Amelie thought it would be nice to make it smell like an entire bottle of my rather expensive Gucci perfume. So I guess I am not entirely ready, on the plus side though I DID make 3 CDs of awesome music to listen to while giving birth. Currently loving The Vespers, Donovan Frankenreiter and this old school classic from the Doobie Brothers. (Message for my mum – if you click those links they will take you to the music videos in You Tube. I can recommend Donovan Frankenreiter, its good music for boating!!!)

The student loans company are idiots. I wrote and told them I was now living overseas (as you are supposed to do) and all of a sudden out of thin air they have somehow managed to overpay my loan to me way back when in 2007, apparently this is because I didn’t attend Uni for 2007-2008. At all. According to them anyway. Pretty sure Roehampton uni have a security tape of me breastfeeding Maxi in the back of a lecture room somewhere when he was like 6 weeks old. Anyway, quite clearly it is a huge mistake but you just know that due to their general incompetence its going to take the longest ever time to sort out. Just yesterday I was on the phone for 2 hours being passed from department to department with the general consensus of ‘computer says noooooooooooo’ or “do you have a real address because my system wont let me pass you through security without a postcode”, which I’m pretty sure as I did explain that there are no postcodes here in Ireland, and the woman outright said I was lying, counts as some form of Racism, or Geographical discrimination or something. Im going to sue them for whatever the legal term for ‘stressing the hell out of a 37 week pregnant woman’ is.

My Dad got a new pony, his name is Freddy, he is 3 months old and fluffy and the cutest little pony ever.  I love him. We went up to see him yesterday. My dad now has 3 horses that no one can ride, well you can ride petal I guess so long as you are under 2 foot tall!!! My sister and I have affectionately named his collection of non ride-able animals as the ‘Glenamaddy Society of Decorative Horses’. They are damn cute though!! My stepmum says ponies are the new dogs, they do all the same stuff but sit on your laps – you heard it here first people, ponies on trend for 2014!!

I am cooking up and freezing up a storm in preparation for being out of action for a while. I need to shift roughly 5 stone once this baby arrives if I want to get to a weight I am happy with. My first goal is to lose 3 stone by the end of 2014. A year. I have watched 3 seasons back to back of ‘biggest loser’ and they all managed it so I can too. I’m pretty good with exercise and being active, we walk to school, and I walk round Castledaly, but my downfall is food. I overeat all the time. Like when I’m full if there is still food left on my plate I just think ‘push through it’ and finish the meal. Bad I know. But man food is awesome. Anyway, I have made loads of healthy breakfast muffins and healthy individual meals and frozen them, and this is what I will eat once the baby is born. Pasta free lasange…oh yay!!!  (I should add here that while I am still preggo my daily diet is about 8 sausages, 6 packs of biscuits, 3 toffee crisps…and so on and so forth)

Everyone has soccer this weekend, Luis has a match on Saturday, Maxi has training, Mr Clev has a match on Sunday. I hope we can get out and go for a nice walk again if the sun continues to shine. I feel so much better for getting out and about, it clears my head.

I’m finding it really hard at the moment to ‘deal’ with the children and their attitudes, actually their general child like behavior – which I guess they are entitled to, since they are children after all. Not to sound all cliche but its not them, its me. They are being pretty well behaved at the moment but just their general voices, arguments and bickering are doing my head in. Im trying to breathe and not scream at them but I lost it big time with them all the other day. Along the lines of “I do everything for you and you leave piss all over the floor and just expect me to wipe it up. The next one of you to pee either on the toilet seat, or bathroom floor will have to clean it with their toothbrush”. Valid point, poor delivery, parenting = for the win. One day when they are all grown up and moved out I will pine for them.

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