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Summer Holidays as experienced through Recent Google Searches

“will anything bad happen if a child consumes 6 or more gummy vitamins in one go” “Free rainy day activities not involving paint, pens or glue sticks” “Healthy and quickly made, cheap meals” “Take away service that delivers near Athlone” ” How to remove paint from the wall” ” Baby with massive bruise on head” […]

To Vivienne Tallulah, on your very first birthday….

Dear Vivi, I cant believe you are 1 whole year old!!! This time last year I was in labour, walking the streets of Banstead trying to get contractions to get stronger. I had the worst ever pregnancy with you, honestly. Imagine the sickest you could possibly be without having something terrible and life threatening – […]

Weekend (my post titles are really unimaginivite. Sorry)

This weekend was a scorcher in Eire. No joke. It was 28.8 degrees on my trusty car thermometer on Saturday, beautiful!!! Sunnnnnnshine 🙂 Seeing as our weekend last week was pretty far flung and expensive we kept it low key this weekend just gone. Saturday we went to Athlone farmers market. Literally a market for […]