A new discovery..

 We discovered a new beach!!!

While Kakey was staying we had a heatwave and decided to head out west and get in a beach day. The best beaches are up in Connemara which is roughly a 2 hour drive away so was a no go! We also thought about Salthill in Galway City but it is always packed. After doing some google research I found a beach just past Kinvara (where we were last weekend)

Anyway this beach is on the bay so the water is crystal clear, and because of the weather was pretty warm.

And the beach had lots and lots of sand. bonus.

I always take a tiny blow up paddling pool to the beach in an effort to keep babies contained. I fill it with sea water and Vivi can sit and splash in it while the others play sandcastles. Seriously – its a good tip!!!

The water was pretty shallow so perfect for the kiddos. They ALL (including Vivi) paddled and splashed and even ‘swam’.

Such a nice day, the car thermometer read 33.5 degrees on the way home. It was actually beautiful! 

I honestly do not think we left the water side at all, other than for our picnic of course. Our Vitamin D levels are topped up for sure.

Kakey and Bamas are best buds now!!

I managed to get sun lotion on everyone else but myself and am sporting some rather attractive tan marks now. Also my back is literally redder than red. Classy.

On the way home we stopped for Ice Cream at Supermacs. Amelie fell asleep before she finished hers!! Vivi realised she was on to a good thing quicker than we did and you can see her covered hand!!!

I know I shared the below pic in another blog post but its one of my favourites. Katie was holding Vivi and I was helping Amelie to ‘swim’. The boys were playing a ‘lets go up to our shoulders’ game, and it was just one of those ‘ahhhh life is good’ moments.

We returned to our newly discovered beach (only 1hr away!) with Mr Clev this weekend. Hooray for Heatwaves!!!

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