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Today Im trying something new here and am linking up with two other fabulous bloggers to bring you…(drumroll please)….5 things Friday! woohoo!!!

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I’m sharing with you my 5 things that indicate you have a larger than average family……

1)  This is your home from home because you have to get a new 8 pints of milk every other day, oh and bread, and yogurts, those things that might do a family of 4 for a week – yeah, try 2 days round here (and its only going to get worse the older they get!)
1B) You drive the biggest car that you can without having a minibus and its still not really big enough for all your kids, your double buggy, your shopping and all the other crap that tends to gather in cars! 
2) You buy industrial sizes of everything and they only last you a month, sometimes 2 weeks. True story – this week I bought the equivalent in meat of half a cow for my freezer. I have minced beef, steaks and roasting joints coming out of my ears,  I’m hoping I get at least 4 months out of it. 

3) Your hallway looks like this ALL THE TIME. This is only one half (the other was so bad not even instagram could have made it look slightly better). 7 peoples shoes, boots, football boots, riding boots, rain coats, spring jackets, school bags, buggy accessories and umbrellas is never going to look tidy no matter how hard you try!

5) The majority of your time is spent doing washing – which means sorting dirty washing, recovering socks from under beds (and behind the sofa, in the car, by the trampoline, in the bathroom) loading the machine (4 times a day), drying washing, folding washing, ironing washing, working out which pink socks belong to which girl because they are all roughly the same size, putting washing into each persons basket, hassling kids to take responsibility for their washing by putting their own washing away, finding piles of clean washing not put away properly so putting it away yourself. Then start again. Every-single-day.  Oh and if someone is ill, or worse, the entire family…double all that and add in 6 beds worth of bedding to wash too.Fun times!!
5) You LOVE being a large family, and even though you are rushed off your feet most of the time you wouldnt have it any other way. 
You secretly love it when people stop and comment on your large brood. 
You get to the point where you think ‘ah, 5 kids, whats a few more’ (just joking mum!!!!)

You can never get a photo where everyone is looking at the camera because with 7 of you its logistically impossible.

We will be linking up once a month sharing any 5 things you want! All blogger ‘types’ welcome and I cant wait to read everyone’s.
5 Things Friday

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