The Clevs go Camping!

This is a story about a mum and dad, 5 children a double air mattress and a 3 man tent. Stop laughing.

One day a mummy went to Lidl to get some wine shopping. During her walk around the isle of crap middle section she saw a three man tent for the grand price of €29.99. ‘hmmmmn’ thought the mummy ‘well technically our family is only two full sized adults and then 5 smaller ones, for thirty euros i’m going to give this a go’.

Later on that week on a different trip, this time to Aldi for more wine shopping the very same mummy saw a double air bed for only €15. ‘hmmmmn’ thought the mummy ‘im sure if we all smush up a bit and maybe do some creative padding with duvets and pillows we could all fit on this, and into the previously purchased three man tent, im going to give this a go’.



A week went by and the mummy furiously pinned camping tips and tricks, she collected things she thought would be useful and packed bags. Smugly the mummy smiled to herself because for under 50 the whole family could camp multiple times in a variety of places all around Ireland, it was going to be an amazing summer.

So the time came and off they went, to a beautiful campsite only 30 minutes up the road on the banks of Lough Ree. Camp was set up. It was breezy and a little bit drizzly but no one minded. The family set off to explore a little bit.

Soon enough it was time to cook in the rain. Burgers and Sausages on the BBQ, and after much running around at 10pm it was time for bed. 10pm because it was still light outside and who wanted to sleep when it was light? thats right – NO ONE.

Clevs go Camping


The Daddy piped up “Mummy, the three year old has only been potty trained for 2 weeks, do you think we should put a nappy on for one night”. The Mummy scoffed “don’t be silly darling, said three year old has had no accidents and been completely dry at night for a good while now, in fact she has been the easiest and best for night time bed wetting, it seems foolish to go backwards and put her back in a nappy – she will be fine”.

Well arent those famous last words if ever you did hear them?

Would you like to take a guess what happened later that night?

Have you worked out who the family in the story is?


Clevs go Camping0102


Lets just say I had the pleasure of being in the shallow end of the tent with Vivienne at 4am. We were headed home via the McDonalds drive through by 8am. The tent is still under the stairs, the air bed is giving off a nice Dettol smell and I’ve still not caught up on the missed sleep. We are off to Cork on Sunday, staying in a hotel with enough beds for everyone and the only shallow end i’ll be in will be the one in the swimming pool.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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