Sunday funday

The plan made on Saturday night was that Sunday would be a day where we would get up, put in a joint of beef to slow cook, go to Church, pack up the car and go out for a nice long walk with the kids. We would get home just in time for the start of the Rugby, watch that and the Capital One Cup  eat dinner and then all go to bed. Then on Sunday we woke up and well, this…..


Do you love snow? I love it. I love it more living here but I always loved it back home too. So many Brits hate it which I kind of get as everything grinds to a complete stand still, but I still love a good snow day. Suffice to say our plans of an outdoorsy Sunday were scuppered in favour of staying by the fire and watching Back to the Future. Can I just say how awesome Back to the Future is? if Mr Clev had the money I’m pretty sure his mid life crisis would involve a Delorean.

Instead of wandering through field and forest while enjoying the great outdoors we settled on pizza making for a fun family bonding activity that did not involve lots of screen time. Screen time is an ongoing battle in our house but that is another post entirely.

So, pizza making. We have done this a fair few times before, its always a loved activity here, but we had not done it since the whole Gluten free thing.  I have tried two gluten free recipes for pizza dough, the first was this one for ‘normal’ dough in which I substituted for GF ingredients didn’t work at all (mmmmmnn cheese covered sandpaper) and the second one turned out pants too and had about 50 million different things in it. We also made Cauliflower crust pizza but that was too veggie tasting plus the idea of a non carb pizza is a bit messed up if you ask me, the carbs are the best bit.

Please don’t think that because my last two posts have been about food that I’m coming over all foodie blogger. I have neither the kitchen nor photography skills for that one!. However, I do feel very strongly that just because one of our children has to eliminate foods from his diet that our whole family is supportive and I do my very best to ‘normalise’ this and foster a supportive environment without having to shove it down my kids throats. It is only for 8 weeks but who knows after that where we stand and what we are going to be doing?. So as normal with family cooking activities I set out the cheese, chicken, veggies, sauce, oil and flours out on the table and let the kids go to town with their dough. It took me 10 minutes to set up and took them about 10 seconds to come in and create a ton of mess, such is life. Maxi made a big enough pizza for everyone to try (which they did, and loved), I was also to make dough balls from this dough Pizza Express/Milano style that Maxi could have with garlic butter.

It was good, we bonded as a family, there was mess made and a mini flour fight, Luis told me he loved me without prompting and Cora only ate a few bits of dropped dough from the floor. A lovely snowy Sunday fun day all round. The fact that Chelsea won the Capital 1 cup was an added bonus (Cora was thrilled Ireland won the Rugby too!).


A note about this dough, it is more of a cakey dough, but I found it pliable enough that I could make dough balls quite easily without too much gloop. For the pizza base I actually found it easier to spread around the tray with a spreader and then let Maxi add the toppings. Pizza and salad is my go to oven meal on our busy day so it was important to me to find an easy, tasty and freezable recipe. This one is taken from Jamie Oliver but I didn’t have xanthem gum and I also didn’t do the baking powder/vinegar combo and it still turned out yummy and has frozen/reheated fine for us too. Also the sauce recipe is just my thrown together tomato sauce recipe that I’ve been using for years, it may at one point have belonged to my step-dad but its a family favourite here. As per my last recipe this whole GF diet is new to us so if you have any recipes for Gluten free Pizza base that is tasty, freezable and does not taste like sandpaper please send them to me or post in the comments!

Gluten Free Pizza Base

250 ml milk

1x7g sachet of yeast (gluten free obvs)

3 tsbs caster sugar

400g gf bread flour (I used Doves Farm)

1 large egg

3tbs olive oil

1tsp baking powder (again make sure its gf)

Warm the milk to lukewarm, then use 50ml or so to make up a mixture with the yeast and sugar.

mix the flour, salt and baking powder together in a bowl.

Add the milk/yeast mix to the rest of the milk and beat in the egg then add this mixture to the flour.

Mix together to form a dough. Its quite sticky and I did find that adding a teeny bit more flour helped.

Leave to rise in a warm place until doubled in size, then you are ready to make pizza!!!


Yummy Pizza Sauce

4 tablespoons of Tomato Puree

1 tin of plum tomatoes (Years ago when I was pregnant with Luis and dossing one day I read a huge article about how chopped tinned tomatoes contain loads of bad stuff and addatives so I always use plum. I’ve never actually looked to see if its true or not I just got scared and then got into the habit. Stupid isnt it.)

2/3 cloves of garlic minced

1 red pepper chopped

1 onion chopped

1 Carrot grated

1 celery stick

handful of basil leaves

handful of Kale.

Salt and Pepper to season.

Stock (I freeze my stock in cupcake tins so when I make this sauce I add 2-3 frozen cubes of either beef, chicken or vegetable stock)

Basically bung it all in a pan and cook it for ages. Blitz through a blender. Then cook it some more until its nice and thick. This is also my go to pasta sauce. Hidden veggies for the win!!!

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