Right now…October edition

Yup, Right Now posts are a thing from now on. They even have a category. Boom. So without further a do, right now

………This is my latest favourite Team Clev photo, taken on Cora’s birthday. 6 faces smiling and looking in the right direction = win.


….. I am about 3lbs heavier thanks to this beaut of a cake I made last week. 3 layer sponge cake, jam and butter cream filled with sprinkles all over. Yummers. I’m thinking I am going to make a book with photos and recipes of my kids birthday/special occasion cakes as another one of those heirloom type things. Im going through a serious heirloom creation stage at the moment, Im not entirely sure why or what’s going on subconsciously but I’m just going to embrace it!!!

…These two guys are going through a best buds phase. They share a room, and more often than not end up in Luis’ double bed together. It is a joy to see! Maxi has missed some school recently because of some tummy troubles and Luis is so concerned, they also really miss each other when they arent at school together. This was taken the other night when they had an ‘unsupervised’ bath (as in I was putting the girls to bed in the next room and they were in the bath – I knew they were there + was keeping an ear/eye out) anyway, half a bottle of bubble bath and a few blasts of the bath jets later they were covered in foam, as you can see!!!

….Sticking with Maxi, because of the time he has missed at school + how lethargic he is we are giving him a hand with his learning by making and playing with flashcards (for sight word learning – all 200 of them. fuckers (not a sight word FYI)). Except that he couldn’t remember what they were called so told his teacher he loved to play flashing with mummy. My mum the flasher. I might pitch it as a reality show idea to TLC or Lifetime.


…..We have been having bi-weekly games nights. No tv after dinner and chilling out/playing games. This one was bought in a local shop but you can pick up a set here. Amelie and Vivi especially are loving a bit of ‘LETS GO FISHIN‘. Other favourites are Twister, Charades, and Pictionary.


…..I am missing my BFF. She came over for Cora’s birthday and on the Saturday we sneaked off for an afternoon tea in Roscommon. It was delish. Roscommon is a cute little town too, a little high street and some quirky knick knack shops. Ive only ever been twice but would go again!


I don’t have a photo for this last point but if I did it would be of me looking frazzled and not sleeping properly. 4/7 Clevs are currently having health issues, some more serious than others, nothing life threatening thank God but still worrying all the same! Last week there were 3 children with appointments, its half term this week and we have 2, and the following week an entire day in Dublin for appointments. Its tiring. Thankfully I know this wont last long as once we get on track and work out a management plan of sorts everything will settle down again – its just that everyone has a bajillion appointments at once for the next couple of weeks, which thankfully doesn’t happen often because I would be wrecked!!!.

That sums up where we are at right now. Until November (yes you are correct in your thinking, Right Now posting is now a monthly thing)

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