Reasons for NOT blogging

Long time no see readers, long time no see. I currently have 7 drafts sat on my dash ready to publish but would feel so awkward just leaping back into blogging after such a long break. Reasons for the complete lack of blog publishing include but are not limited to…

1) Teething and Potty training. One is teething, one is supposed to be potty training. Guess which one is which.



2) This guy who turned 30 years old a few weeks back. Celebrations, so many celebrations – we had cake and lunch out, family over from England, a trip on the viking boat, dinners out (twice in one week is a record for date nights!), golf days and a generally lovely time. Mr Clev is hitting the big Three-Zero with a zest and energy that I’ve not seen before, its inspiring. He is becoming a proper grown up and has two savings accounts, a gym membership and recently had a blood test for cholesterol. Adult Alert.



3) Dating. I’m dating my children, individually, once a week I try and have a little date with each child. Its costing me a small fortune but its worth it to learn a little bit more about their little minds and personalities. Here’s Luis on our trip to the local tea room, next week we are going swimming together. It is a joy to focus on each of my children for 30 minutes to an hour each week. I know people would fight me for this title but I’m pretty sure I am the luckiest mummy in the world.


4) Marathons. Did I mention I’m running the Dublin one? 26 POINT 2 freaking miles. 140 days to go. My legs are permanently in a state of either feeling like they are about to fall off or that they are on fire. I’m not even clocking a lot of mileage, shamefully last week was only 10 miles in the week, and i’m already moaning. Happy days!!! Amelie is not running a marathon but likes to join me on my short runs and even won a medal for community games running recently.


5) Hospitals. Myself and Maxi have done some serious hours in hospitals/GPs/Complimentary therapy rooms the last two weeks. The original diagnosis has been thrown out and a new one is now in place until at least August, which is when we have the big specialist appointment in Crumlin. It is so exhausting. He is in fine in himself, still the same old football playing happy Maxi we all know and love, but just his energy levels and his skin and tummy letting him down. I pray daily for him to magically wake up and be fine but sadly at the moment we are at the mercy of ‘the system’, which takes frigging ages and seems massively flawed. rant over.


6) Work. So much work. Working from home is snow joke people, this happens quite a lot here. Cora will fall asleep for her nap on my lap and I’ll just carry on working. Mr Clev is the same. I am marketing up a storm, learning on the job and broadening my horizons. We are working our socks off on a rebrand and a new website. We also have a couple of side passive businesses which are launching soon. Its exciting. It feels so good to use the ole brain again!!!

Normal blogging schedule will resume shortly. Watch this space…

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