A grown up weekend.

Well, as much as we had visits from not one…but two actual grown ups. And on Friday there were almost as many grown up’s as children in our house!!!

Thursday last week my Sister arrived from England! I had not seen her since March so it was awesome to be reunited. It was so good also to all be together up at my Dads place, as that isnt really something we get to do a lot.

Aun Kakey and Baby

Friday Mr Clev’s old work buddy/bff arrived and we BBQed and enjoyed the sunshine before heading to Galway City (the city of Galway) on Saturday. We obviously forgot that the Lions were playing Saturday morning and all the pubs would be packed!!

The Kings Head is usually our destination of choice for a more ‘touristey’ AND child friendly pub on Shop Street but it was throbbing! We ended up in Fat Freddy’s instead eating Italian but hey ho! good company and another successful meal with children  made up for it!

 We then drove out of Galway, just as it started to drizzle and headed to Kinvara. We love it here. Perfect little bay side village with lots of ‘hippy’ shops and a nice enough pub right on the dock.

 While there we saw a wedding and I got all mushy about having three daughters one day getting married. Mr Clev reminded me of his plan to put them all in a nunnery.

There is a fab little pub/restaurant right on the Quay side here which serves up a good Guinness.

 We loved having Mr Clev’s pal here for the weekend. Its always an interesting situation when someone with no children comes to stay in our Zoo. Its like a fine line between wanting to be realistic and wanting to everything look really easy so that you don’t put people off having children for life.

 Saturday night I headed sans children up to Glenamaddy to spend an evening with my Da and Sister. Was much fun. We went down to Athenry, then back to Glenamaddy – which has  a massive underage drinking problem. As in, even with a nearly 30 year old and a 60 year old the average age was still about 16.

Photos with Petal on Saturday night!!

You know you are old when you sit and basically pray to the heavens that your children never discover sex, or WKD, or hot pants. And 100% not tattoos. me = very old lady. I think the worry is knowing what I got up to as a teenager, and then just thinking “please please please dont let Karma actually exist otherwise I am screwed when it comes to my children’s teenage years”.

Selfie with Petal aka most awesome sister photo of recent years.

In all though a night without the kiddos was awesome, I stayed at my Dads too and left on Sunday morning. Then it was back home, coffee and chatting, then air port drop offs and a trip to IKEA! whoot! It actually took the same amount of time for our guest to fly from Dublin to London as it did for us to negotiate Ikea with all the kids. But still – job done and the house is looking and functioning a lot better.

So much love for my sister!

On the agenda for this week = my sister is staying with us, we are having a heatwave, and hopefully some lake swimming 🙂 wahey!!!

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